“We celebrate the 50s and the centuries. We praise the 5-wicket hauls. How do we show our support for those who have scored a couple of ducks and keep showing up to try?”

I’ve paraphrased the above question from a leadership presentation I attended recently. The audience was a group of boys, aged 13 to 16, selected as captains and vice-captains for the coming cricket season.

It’s a question aimed at introducing the concept of inclusive leadership, and it has broader application. In business, promotions and achieved sales targets are celebrated. Equally, there are some people who turn up every day, try their hardest and don’t necessarily attain high profile goals. They form part of the team, and in some cases, the team may not exist without them. They have roles that need fulfilling.

Should we ignore them? They are doing their job and getting paid, after all.

Or should we show genuine appreciation and acknowledgment of their efforts?

Which one of the two options above will help our people feel more human?

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