I mowed the lawn at my house today. This time of year, spring in the southern hemisphere, I need to do it regularly to keep the lawn looking good.

Mowing the lawn is a tiring job. It’s not a job I relish doing. I do like the result, however. I like how the lawn looks once it’s done. After I have finished, I take a few moments to acknowledge what I have achieved.

In work and life, there are plenty of jobs that ‘need’ doing. Cleaning the bathroom. Finalising the end of month spreadsheet. Weeding the garden. These are jobs that never end. We always have to do them again, and again, and again.

That is why it’s important to take that moment at the end of the task to acknowledge what you have done:

  • Look at the clean bathroom. Be satisfied with your efforts.
  • Take a moment to give yourself a small pat on the back as you press send on the email containing the end of month spreadsheet.
  • Know you will be weeding again, but admire the clean garden bed for just a moment before you move on to the next task.

There will always be onerous tasks. That moment of satisfaction at the end might be what you need to motivate you to do it again next month. [1]

What’s the repetitive task you don’t like doing?

[1] Or week, or year, or tomorrow or … you get the idea.