Recently I published a recommended reading list. Today, I’m listing my top five recommended podcasts.

Like books, podcasts are personal. Everyone will have their favourites. Here are mine [1].

WorkLife by Adam Grant. Organisational psychologist, Adam Grant devotes this podcast to investigating what makes ‘work not suck’.

Why I like it: I’ve been a big fan of Adam Grant since I read his book Give and Take. In this podcast, he examines many of the facets I come across during my work in organisations.

Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell. There are many things in life we take for granted. Malcolm Gladwell takes a look under the hood to see if we might have missed something.

Why I like it: This podcast reminds me that there are many aspects of life that are worth examining at a deeper level, rather than just taking at face value.

The Tim Ferriss Show. Tim Ferriss interviews top performers in various fields – sport, military, business – with the aim of understanding the tactical tips and techniques they used to become successful [2].

Why I like it: Ferriss has talked to so many people in professions I didn’t even know existed. There are also some very famous people here too. There are a lot of small actionable tips.

The Infinite Monkey Cage. Brian Cox, Robin Ince and a variety of guests use knowledge and humour to help us understand a little more about the science of how our universe works.

Why I like it: It’s funny and informative.

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin. This is a long-form (approx 3 hours per episode) that takes an in-depth look at some of the significant events that have shaped the world.

Why I like it: Carlin uncovers some of the darker aspects of human nature and looks at how these events have influenced our behaviour today.

[1] There are plenty of podcasts out there and I listen to a variety. The good thing about podcasts is that they are free. If you don’t like what you are listening to, go to the next one. This list is in no particular order as I don’t really have a favourite.

[2] Ferriss has interviewed a lot of people. He has produced nearly 400 podcasts as this blog is published. I haven’t listened to all of them. I warn you, some of these are quite long (1-2 hours).