Team Leadership Development

Today’s environment requires increased resilience, adaptive thinking and an ability to deal with increasing complexity and connectedness.  Old styles of thinking are no longer valid:
  • No longer is building competencies for our current paradigm sufficient. We need to build the capacity for our leaders to think and see things differently.
  • No longer is it sufficient to deliver one off programs in the hope that participants will retain information and skills they can apply in the workplace. They need ongoing support to embed those skills in the context of organisational culture.
  • No longer is it enough to identify one person as the leader and trust they can come up  with the solution.  Leadership resides at all levels and the environment needs to be created to allow that leadership to flourish.
Your team, company or organisation needs to take a developmental approach to its leadership development.  This approach builds the capacity of the individuals and the team to:
  • see the world in terms of systems and networks
  • increase collaboration within and across boundaries
  • raise self awareness
  • increase resilience at the individual, team and organisational level
  • be adaptable and flexible.
With this increased capacity and capabilities, leadership will become collective and emerge from within as required by the situation building the organisations ability to succeed. Campbell Leadership Solutions will work with you to help your leaders at all levels think in terms of leadership behaviour and not just leadership positions, develop their ways of thinking like leaders and improve collaboration. This, in turn, promotes innovation and creativity within your organisation.

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