Coaching Skills for Leaders

The directive style of leadership, “I tell, you do”, has lost its relevance in today’s complex environment. No one person has all the answers. None of your team come to work wanting to do badly but frequently they don’t have the skills to excel. If we want to leverage off the expertise of our people, foster leadership at all levels, and build capability then a coaching approach is needed. One skill needed in today’s complex environment is the ability to coach their staff to come up with their own solutions. This builds organisational capacity, resilience at the individual and team level and maximises employee engagement. The Coaching Skills for Leaders Program provides a skillset to assist leaders to do just that. Program participants are introduced to proven coaching techniques they can use to support the development of their staff and achieve team goals using a coaching approach to leading. Coaching Skills for Leaders consists of a one-day intensive followed by ongoing peer and senior coach supervision to embed the skills. At the end of the program, participants will be able to define what is required for coaching, identify occasions when coaching is appropriate, ask coaching questions that support staff in thinking and solving problems and integrate coaching skills into daily interactions with staff. If you want to equip your team to be able to coach more effectively in the workplace then Campbell Leadership Solutions can assist you. Call us to discuss opportunities for early 2016.

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