One-to-one executive & leadership coaching

High performance athletes have a coach. This should be no different for our corporate athletes.  Why should you engage one of our coaches?
  • Leadership is a lonely job. Everyone looks to you for answers.  With the increasing complexity of today’s world those answers are not easy to come by. A coach can act as an impartial sounding board for you to test your assumptions and stretch your ideas.
  • When big things change in your organisation, one of our coaches can help your leaders to adapt and deal with the complexity of change.
  • If you’re promoting from within the organisation, chances are you are rewarding and promoting someone with excellent technical skills.  As they get further up the ladder  these skills matter less and less and it is their ability to deal with people that begins to become more important.  Coaching can help develop those essential skills for leading at higher levels.
  • Within your organisation you will have high achievers and those with high potential. Coaching serves as a way to accelerate their development and provide support for increased authority and responsibility within the company.
1-1 coaching services to leaders in organisations promote constructive change at the individual level which, when leveraged properly, provides benefit up, down and across the company and enhances organisational level change.  Engaging with one of our coaches enables you to have confidential conversations that you could not ordinarily have with your superiors, peers and employees. All coaching programs are tailored personally to the clients’ requirements, typically including face-to-face, video call or phone meetings at agreed intervals.  These meetings, or coaching sessions, may also be supported by assessment through multi-rater or 360 degree feedback, observation or peer interviews. As part of the Campbell Clan you will receive full support throughout your coaching program and beyond.  This involves unlimited e-mail and phone support between sessions as well as ongoing access to coaches and professional development opportunities following the end of the formal coaching period.

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